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June 10 2017


March 18 2015

Teaching Your Little Ones to Tie Their Shoelaces

By Yvonne Kimmons

Teaching your child to tie his/her own shoelaces can be great fun if done with plenty of patience, a simple strategy and lots of love. Whatever steps you choose to teach you child, be sure never to take for granted (because you do it daily without thinking) that this can be a confusing and difficult learning experience. Children are usually ready to learn during kindergarten years, right around the time they are learning dressing and undressing successfully. Be patient because some children may take longer to catch on than others. Don't push too hard every child learns at their own pace.

To make learning easier try demonstrating and allowing your child to practice on a large shoe with two different bright colored laces. The colored laces will make each step less confusing as they will be able to differentiate.

A great method to use to teach you child is by telling them the bunny story. It goes like this: Make two bunny ears, the bunny runs around the tree, the bunny jumps in a hole, close it up tight!

As your child becomes more and more successful you may want to begin giving him/her their own shoe to practice on, first practice while the shoe is off, then have them tie them while on.
Most important is to remember to give continual praise and support throughout the entire process. You'll find this can be a great bonding experience with a lesson your child can pass down one day to their own children.

Written by Yvonne Kimmons, co-owner of [http://www.LittleHandsBoutique.com] Your Upscale Resale for Little Ladies and Gents! For more fun articles and advice on toddler issues please visit our blog http://www.LittleHandsBoutique.blogspot.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Yvonne_Kimmons

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